Why do you need customer journey mapCRM?

You have decided that you don’t want to keep client base in Excel anymore, to fill out contracts in Word, and tasks to write on leaflets. You have understood that you need the customer journey mapCRM bpmonline.com/crm/customer-journey-map which will help managers quicker and more precisely to process orders, will improve client service, and will provide to the head control over business processes in the companies and tools for the analysis and planning of activity of the agency. Now in the market, there is available a set of CRM systems, at first sight, they are similar and to make a choice very difficult. What criteria to use to the head to choose the best program for the agency?

– Whether the program complies under features of your business approaches (register the main business processes of your agency: from where orders what stages pass until sale as post-sale work is carried out arrive, think how it can be realized in CRM). If for the introduction of the program you have to break the working processes, then, most likely, it won’t get accustomed in the company. Check how the specifics of travel business are considered: whether it is possible to reserve from the program, to create individual tours, to store information on hotels with responses of tourists, to fill out data on tour operators.

– Additional options (the SMS, mailing, IP-telephony, drawing up selections of tours, modules on the website). Perhaps, you don’t plan to do the program of mailing at once, to integrate CRM with IP-telephony and the website. But if the agency grows and develops, then it needs more tools for attraction and deduction of clients, so, the expanded functionality will be necessary. Offensively to learn that your program, for example, isn’t able to charge automatically bonuses when you develop and want to introduce own system of loyalty. odoo erp

Options for installation of the program (cloud or desktop version). Whether it is possible to work with CRM via the browser? Where your base, at you on the server or will be stored in a cloud, to solve to you, but it is good if the company the supplier is ready to provide this choice to you.

– Data security. The very important point as your database is protected, including from unfair employees. Check, access rights of the employee whether it is possible to close unloading of contacts or editing the sum of the application are how flexibly adjusted.

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