Xenon headlights


Advantages given by xenon headlights

Xenon headlights in the car are installed primarily for better illumination of the road, which significantly increases the control over what is happening on it at night. And already in second place xenon headlights are a means of increasing the authority of yourself and your car, that is, autotuning.

No less significant advantage of xenon lamps over halogen lamps is that the first several times less energy is consumed, with this factor, the service life of xenon is much higher. But it is worth paying for the pleasure, so the disadvantages of xenon are, firstly, its high cost, but it’s worth it, and secondly, there is a special control unit called the ignition unit or ballast unit. Due to its uniqueness, even during strong weather, xenon light does not create a blinding shroud before your eyes, xenon light illuminates the roadway in front of the car, but not fog or raindrops.

How to make the right choice and not make a mistake in the authenticity of xenon headlights?

Increasingly, the car market, having learned that many motorists have a passion for blue light emitted by xenon lamps, produces poor-quality fakes, which eventually became known as pseudo-xenon. They lack the authenticity of the emitted light, it is achieved only through special dyes deposited on the surface of the lamp, from which the illumination of the road deteriorates, and when wet, it begins to warm up, which often causes the glass to crack.

Xenon headlight replacement

Installing xenon headlights instead of halogen headlights is not a complicated procedure. To implement it, you must have the minimum skills for the device car. First of all, it is necessary to remove the protective grid, unscrew the bumper, only if the heater does not allow inserting the light bulb without applying this process. Next, you need to pull out the lenses, carefully clean them, and only then insert the light bulbs in the car cartridges. Now you need to do everything in reverse order.

Proven xenon lamp salesman.

In order not to conduct a thorough investigation, looking for fake xenon headlights or original ones, it is enough to know which manufacturers are in the greatest demand and with the same high level of trust. To date, leading positions are occupied by such manufacturers as: Osram, Philips, Hella, PIAA and Bosch, but they are not the only ones on the car market. There are still many manufacturers selling high-quality goods that cannot be appealed by the buyers.

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